Terms & Conditions

All quotations, projects and sales are subject to the following terms.

1) Incoterms ExWorks – Easton, PA (unless otherwise specified).
2) Sales price is tentative, pending the receipt of fully dimensioned prints and/or CAD data with tolerances. If no tolerances are specified on any given design condition, MAP cannot be held responsible for compliance.
3) Quoted price is valid for 90 days. Quoted timing is valid for 30 days. Tooling Leadtime is the estimated time to design & build the mold & inspect the parts. Timing begins upon receipt of purchase order, final design and final part specifications. Once timing begins, changes to design or project may affect delivery schedule and/or cost. MAP will provide an updated quotation to include expedite charges should shorter lead-time be required.
4) Gage costs are estimates only. Final cost to be determined upon gage design approval to comply with part print GD&T.
5) Estimated tool life is 800,000 shots.
6) Unless otherwise negotiated, payment terms for tooling are 25% with purchase order, 25% upon completion of tool & 50% upon part approval. Unless otherwise negotiated, payment terms for production parts are Net 30 Days.
7) MAP’s liability for losses or damage from all causes shall in no event exceed its charges for work done, except by written contract. Please reference this quotation number on your purchase order.
8) MAP reserves the right to correct typographical or clerical errors. Material & purchased parts reflect cost at date of quote and are subject to change based on market fluctuation.
9) Unless otherwise noted, all testing – including flammability, strength, weight, ect – is the sole responsibility of MAP’s customer. With completion of each tool, MAP will perform an in-house CMM. If a 3rd party CMM or any additional tool/part measurements are necessary after completion of tool, MAP will provide an updated quotation for requested activity. Annual PPAP updates on current production parts will be completed upon request and after mutual commercial agreement has been reached between MAP and the customer.
10) Warranty – MAP will not be responsible for customer warranty terms which include a) destructive testing b) tooling CMMs which exceed 7 years frequency and/or c) shift-to-shift data collection.
11) Prototype Pricing – Any prototype level (or non-production small batch) shipment requires a minimum of “3X” production piece price and $100 USD minimum run.

Timing Terms
PO Processing/Kickoff Requirements: 1 week
Bank Build: Specific to project – include timing for all items on this sheet in bank amount
Tooling Transit To Tool Shop: 4 days for Granger tools, 5 days for Clarksdale tools
Tooling Modification/Build Timing: Use Tooling Estimate Sheet
Tool Transit From Tool Shop: 4 days for Granger tools, 5 days for Clarksdale tools
Tool Install & PPAP: 1 week
PTR: 6 weeks (GM requirement is 6 weeks – could vary per OEM)

Checking Fixture Construction Standards
Design Concept
1. Part position relative to fixture base is fabricated such that parts may be easily set and squared
for layout and checking purposes.
2. The primary datum will be a fully machined surface of the entire mating side of the part. Parts
are checked in a free state for contour conformance to surface.
3. All fixtures will provide two removable steel locating pins, one secondary (4-way locator) and
one tertiary (2-way locator), for locating the part on the fixture as permitted.
4. For attribute checking details, scribed lines on the fixture will be used to sight check all trim
edges and hole perimeters.
5. All fixtures are built to math data.
1. Check fixture construction material can include tooling board, steel, and aluminum.
2. Each fixture will have a metal identification / certification tag mechanically fastened to the base.
3. All exposed surfaces will be painted.
4. Check fixture construction will comply with GD&T practices.
Fixture Construction Tolerances
1. General Fabrication and Machining Tolerance: +/-.25mm
2. Datum Pins : +/- .10mm
3. All fixtures will include a CMM dimensional inspection report.

Miscellaneous Notes
For bank build include amount of parts for all volume in above tasks
For banks builds, quote expendable usage.
For bank builds, quote repack labor
For bank builds, quote transit of bank to/from storage warehouse
For PTR’s, do not remove timing and bank costs unless we have “PTR Waiver” in writing prior to quote.
Do not quote in an attempt to get PTR waived later