MAP offers a wide variety of acoustical and thermal products to the
automotive industry, delivering to major OEMs across the world.

We manufacture applications ranging from engine compartment insulation, to interior treatments, to muffler components. These custom solutions can be produced from customer-supplied CAD data to meet OEM specification, or can utilize in-house design services.

An Automotive Case Study

See how MAP’s Automotive Solutions can improve your vehicle.


As fuel economy standards and vehicle mass targets became a key deliverable for automotive manufacturers, MAP was faced with the challenge of designing a transmission case featuring premium acoustic and thermal performance.  At the time development started, costly and heavy metal heat shields were in use.  Seeing transmission area temperatures up to 250 C, a product needed to be developed that deadened sound frequencies from 500 Hz to 4,000 Hz.


To meet all performance and cost deliverables, MAP designed a part made with a moldable glass fiber substrate containing an EVA septum and  aluminum foil face.  After joint testing with General Motors, including dyno evaluation, a successful part design was settled to achieve heat resistance, acoustic absorption and durablility – all in one package.


With a finalized design being assigned to future model year vehicles, MAP assisted with all aspects of the project from R&D lab work to material recommendations to designing the end product’s fastening methods.  MAP’s vertical integration in CNC tooling allows for a quick product release to the market place.